Did you know the world currently flares over three trillion cubic feet of natural gas per year?  In countries like Brazil and Nigeria, this is not just unnecessary green-house gas emissions, but a missed opportunity: because the gas could be used to produce a valuable Nitrogen-based fertilizer.  The natural gas to Ammonia process is over a hundred years old and used to produce roughly half of all the Ammonia consumed today. 

We, at Cyan Ammonia, believe that through the deployment of small modular plants, we could capture enough gas to meet the increase in demand for Ammonia over the coming decade, while reducing green-house gas emissions, and potentially sequestering the carbon dioxide through reinjection.

Ammonia is not only a feed-stock for fertilizer, it is also a carrier for a carbon-free fuel:  Hydrogen.

Would you rather have Natural Gas Flares or Fertilizer?

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